Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Em Cosmetics Unboxing!

I love watching YouTube makeup tutorials and when Michelle Phan announced that she was starting her own makeup line, I was excited to get my hands on it. Obviously, getting my hands on it took a while. It's kind of expensive and like with Makeup Geek, I had a hard time pulling the trigger. But, there was a sale and I took the opportunity to pick up a mini Life Palette and her eyeliner. I felt like these two items would allow me to try the range without invest too much money. 

I chose the Winter Life palette, and it comes with two lip glosses, six shadows and a blush. The Life Palette Mini also comes with a little brush, but it doesn't fit in the palette. Honestly, it makes it feel a bit...unnecessary? This palette is supposed to be almost like a grab and go and to have a brush that just floats around doesn't seem very productive. I found myself wondering, where am I going to store it? 

The swatches were all very impressive. I don't know why the black had a long dark streak in the middle, but they were very soft and pretty. I'm excited to use them! The lip glosses are sheer so they would be great as a top layer to a lipstick. 

I needed a new eyeliner so I figured I'd pick one up. This felt tip is very flexible. When I swatched it, I tried to use the very end, for when you'd want a thin line close to the lashes. I also swatched using the middle and end to see how much control there would be over the flexible tip.  The third swatch was using the thickest part of the tip and tapered off the the thinnest. I just wanted to see how versatile the brush was.

I'm excited to put these to the test to see how they perform. Em Cosmetics is a division of L'Oreal, plus, with Michelle being a YouTuber who works with and reviews cosmetics on a regular basis, I would expect high quality products. Speaking of L'Oreal, I just reviewed a L'Oreal product that I absolutely love, so make sure to check that out here!

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